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      To coordinate and coordinate regional medical treatment. The member units of the medical group have formed joint efforts to strengthen the line of defense against the epidemic. The city took the lead in establishing a fever clinic diagnosis and treatment center and "Xiaotangshan" in Nanshan District. The city took the lead in initiating nucleic acid testing and epidemiological investigation of 100% of home quarantine personnel; To complete "Costa? The handling of 6222 passengers on the Venice cruise ship and the isolation of 148 people in the hotel for medical observation; Implement science and technology to fight coVID-19, artificial intelligence "seek system" real-time monitoring; Establish epidemic prevention lines from ports and expressways to people's homes; The city took the lead in setting up an independent "resumption of work and production clinic"; To undertake a series of medical treatment tasks, such as the management of medical observation points for domestic and foreign personnel, and the prevention and control measures have been widely praised by the municipal party Committee, the municipal government and the people in areas under its jurisdiction.  In order to ensure the quality of census data under normal epidemic prevention and control conditions, we will take the following measures to ensure the quality of census data. First, we will strictly implement the census plan to ensure that all requirements of the census are not distorted or distorted, and we will not allow arbitrary changes or selective implementation of the plan. The second is to adopt the electronic collection comprehensively, the data is directly uploaded to the country in real time, effectively eliminates the intermediate link may be subject to human interference; Third, make effective use of administrative records, give full play to the role of administrative record data of departments, and provide data support for the comparison between census registration information and relevant administrative records; Fourth, the site registration shall be carefully organized. Census personnel shall, in accordance with the requirements of the census plan, collect every piece of information accurately and without any leakage, so as to ensure the authenticity and credibility of the source data of the census. Fifth, we will carry out census in accordance with the law, strictly enforce the Statistics Law and the Regulations on National Population Censuses, establish and improve the accountability mechanism for tracing the quality of census data, and seriously investigate and punish all kinds of fraud and fraud in censuses. Sixth, a census emergency plan for coVID-19 prevention and control should be formulated, and different census registration methods should be adopted for regions with different risk levels. For example, in high-risk areas, non-contact methods such as telephone interviews and self-reporting on the Internet are adopted to carry out census registration. In medium-risk areas, registration at outdoor stations and online self-reporting shall be adopted; Conduct household survey and registration in low-risk areas according to established methods. During the on-site registration period, census workers are required to be healthy and have a normal temperature at work, wear masks and carry out disinfection in time according to the prevention and control requirements, and do a good job in the protection work of household registration. As a Chinese saying goes, "houses are torn down; hearts are warmed." To win the support of the masses, we must, on the basis of adhering to our principles, listen, comfort and tolerate so as to truly get everyone's understanding. Each time the expropriation, inevitably will encounter the owner's resistance sentiment. Heart to heart, heart for heart, adhere to the bottom line of principle at the same time, strive for the greatest interests for the owners, this can win the trust of owners, better promote the implementation of the expropriation and demolition work. One homeowner has been unable to sign a contract since the project began last year because of a number of historical issues. After several rounds of careful research and judgment, we worked out a special solution to the problems left over from housing history, and actively coordinated the relevant functional departments to make decisions and solve problems. After nearly a month of continuous efforts, the owner successfully signed the contract on July 30, and voluntarily cooperated with the working group to complete the rent clearance without receiving the housing compensation, and completed the handover of the house on August 4. It's worth noting that for Burger King, this is the second major food safety incident in a month after it was exposed on The March 15 gala of CCTV on July 16. Ironically, McDonald's, which announced in late June that it would use paper straws on its food packages, a move that drew a lot of goodwill from consumers and environmentalists, found PFAS in its food packages. The report details the detection process, which involves collecting fast food packaging for burgers, sandwiches, chicken nuggets, biscuits, French fries or other Fried items from the three largest HAMBURGER chains in the United States, and testing collected product samples for perfluorooctane sulfuric acid or perfluorooctane and polyfluoroalkyl substances to screen for the presence of PFAS.

      SZTUK is a high-level public kindergarten entrusted by shenzhen Pingshan District Government to be managed and operated by SZTUK. The kindergarten will make full use of platform resources, effectively utilize parents and community resources, and strive to build a high-quality kindergarten with innovative spirit and international vision, relying on the educational ideology and cultural heritage of colleges and universities.  On the expert forum, Lu Xin, former vice minister of The Ministry of Education and President of China Vocational and Technical Education Association, made a keynote report entitled "Development of microelectronics Industry: Problems and Countermeasures of Talent Training". The report started from three aspects: historical requirements of industrial chain upgrading, development status of microelectronics industry and countermeasures of talent training of microelectronics. She said that microelectronics technology represents the core competitiveness of the country, and the Microelectronics Special Committee has now formulated the "3+4+5" development plan, that is, it plans to use about three years, lead 400 colleges and universities across the country, cultivate 300,000 talents in the field of microelectronics, train 5,000 teachers; Focus on the construction of professional standards research base, teaching material construction output base, teaching law reform demonstration base, teacher training base and other four carriers; We will implement five measures, including the national layout of higher vocational colleges for microelectronics, the overall improvement of the teaching staff for microelectronics, the overall adjustment of teaching materials for microelectronics, the overall construction of personnel training standards for microelectronics, and the overall reform of scene teaching for microelectronics.   In addition, since August 6, Shenzhen has encrypted the flight route between Shenzhen and Jinan, adding one new early flight every day. The departure time is 7:10 am from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport, and the return flight is 11:05 am from Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport, which is a 3-hour flight. At present, there are 3 flights from Shenzhen to Jinan daily, covering morning, afternoon and evening, which fully meet the diversified travel needs of Shenzhen citizens.

      Diet, this kind of patients should drink more water, as far as possible to avoid hot pepper, ginger, garlic, pepper and other dry goods, eat less Fried food. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as: pear, radish, lotus root, honey and so on; To prevent dental caries and oral infections. On rest and rest, patients should pay attention to rest and keep warm. Fatigue, cold, long-term fatigue and lack of sleep will aggravate the disease, the patient should moderately reduce work, relax mood, avoid emotional backlog. Patients with gout should "keep their mouth shut", which can effectively control purine intake and reduce the risk of disease. The expert introduces, when early autumn, still should be in order to invigorate the spleen to change wet give rise to, especially god tired force, mouth sticky mouth bitter, facial greasy, indigestion, stool sticky greasy person is applicable, such as edible codonopsis foebles millet congee, Chinese yam yellow essence congee, Gordon Gordon paste, astragalus chicken soup stew, etc. Among them, morning (evening) inspection mainly refers to the daily on, the afternoon before the first class to all students, before the night study of students boarding and participate in the night study of disease detection, record and report a work. In the morning (evening) inspection, to understand the reasons for the absence of students, grasp the list of absenteeism students due to illness; Check the mental state and health status of all the students attending the class, with emphasis on knowing whether there is fever, cough, headache, pharyngeal pain, parotid enlargement, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, dizziness, fatigue, conjunctival congestion and other symptoms occur, and when and where the symptoms occur. Infrared thermometer can be used for temperature screening, forehead temperature & AMP; General electric (ge); The axillary temperature of students should be retest with mercury thermometer at 36.8℃.    During the "Third Summer" period, 16.4 million sets of various agricultural machinery and tools were invested in various regions, among which 276,000 combine harvesters participated in cross-regional operations. The mechanized sowing rate of spring corn in northern China was nearly 97%, that of early rice in southern China was up by nearly 6 percentage points to 42%, and that of winter wheat was up to 97%. Among them, the mechanized sowing rate of winter wheat and summer corn in Huang-Huai-Hai region was 99% and 93% respectively, and the mechanization level of the whole process of summer harvest, summer seed and summer pipe was further improved. "The harvester, which is equipped with the automatic driving assistance system, was used in the wheat harvest in Jinan for the first time this year, achieving high precision positioning, automatic path planning and unmanned walking. Can achieve harvesting specifications, accurate, reduce the "running leakage", to ensure that the grain warehouse. Zhou Jun, deputy director of the Agricultural machinery Bureau of Changqing District, Jinan city, Shandong Province, said.

        It is reported that the mode of "fixed time and fixed point collection and transportation + metering and charging" has been piloting operation in feichang Tail scenic spot since 2018. The development of this activity is to further consolidate JiaoChang tail garbage sorting work experience, deepen the classification mechanism innovation, garbage classification problem of the existence of effective crack scenic spot, and at the same time to create garbage sorting "outstanding scenic spot model" as the goal, the jurisdiction CD action vigorously publicity, the residents' awareness of reducing classification, to garbage classification and cd-rom propaganda, raise the level of the new city living garbage classification reduction work. Garbage classification model for promoting JiaoChang tail scenic spot, and the new issued on April 27, through the work sharing mode of garbage classification, innovation system, introducing green wisdom to promote scenic garbage sorting "time" designated collector + the metering system, establish and improve the scenic area living garbage classification on the classification, classified collection, classification, transportation, processing system, and realizing a complete coverage of the scenic area garbage sorting area, the home stay facility, catering enterprises and businessmen garbage classification witting rate will reach 100%, the participation rate will reach above 85%. At the same time, the garbage classification work level of the scenic spot is constantly improved, efforts are made to build a unique garbage classification brand of the new area, help to build a centralized carrying area of the global ocean center city, and build a world-class ecological tourism resort. With the increasing number of pet owners in the city, the conflict between dog lovers and residents who are afraid of dogs has become increasingly prominent. In particular, some uncivilized pet keeping behaviors such as walking dogs without a leash and not cleaning up dog excrement, as well as occasional incidents of dog abuse and poisoning, have worsened the relationship between the two sides. Opinions vary on the requirement that the dog should not be walked after 10:30 in the case. What do you think about that?  

      The Second Saturday of June is cultural and Natural Heritage Day. June 13, 2020 is the fourth "Cultural and Natural Heritage Day" in China. The themed activity "Online Live Broadcast" attracted 3,617,800 viewers and participants. Shenzhen residents had a close contact with the traditional intangible cultural heritage. Shenzhen's increasingly rich intangible cultural heritage resources are widely known and loved by people. Seven state-level intangible items include: lantern dance (sha tau kok fish lantern dance), lion dances (matsuoka dipper lion dances), kirin dance (sakaguchi yong-sheng tian hall unicorn dance), kirin dance (ship pit unicorn dance), (xiasha) for ancestor worship, ancestor worship custom palasy therapy (flat music kwok bonesetting method), Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment method (called creutzfeldt-jakob point therapy). The three national non-inheritor are: Wu Guanqiu, representative inheritor of the fish lantern Dance in Sand Tau Kok, Yan Sen, representative inheritor of the Lion Dance in Songgang, and Chen Rongzhong, representative inheritor of Jia's acupoint therapy.    Among them, food prices rose 13.2 percent year on year, an increase of 2.1 percentage points, affecting about 2.68 percentage points of the CPI rise. Among food items, pork prices rose 85.7 percent, an increase of 4.1 percentage points over the previous month. Fresh vegetable prices rose 7.9%,

           Shisha community of Fubao Street has recently carried out a series of community activities called "Seedling Protection Action", combining summer vacation with creative writing. Since summer vacation, Shisha community has carried out "seedling protection action" series of 6 19 activities, more than 240 people minors to participate, Shisha community Party committee adhere to the comprehensive and solid development of "seedling protection action", for the healthy growth of young people planted dense community shelter forest. In order to further promote the minor protection project of "Miao Miao Action" in Futian District and create a safe, healthy and civilized growth environment for the vast number of adolescents in the area, Shisha community of Fubao Street has recently launched a series of community activities of "Miao Miao Action" in combination with summer vacation and creative writing. Since summer vacation, Shisha community has carried out "seedling protection action" series of 6 19 activities, more than 240 people minors to participate, Shisha community Party committee adhere to the comprehensive and solid development of "seedling protection action", for the healthy growth of young people planted dense community shelter forest.

         Let the great spirit of Anti-Japanese War be passed on from generation to generation, carry forward the fine style of hard work and selfless dedication, and constantly push forward the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics. General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that, "in the magnificent Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression, thousands upon thousands of heroes sacrificed their heads and shed their blood, making great contributions to the victory of the war and to the forging of the great spirit of resistance." The victory of the War of Resistance against Japan was forged by the blood and lives of countless heroes. In the stormy years, in order to free their descendants from slavery and lead a happy and free life, the Chinese people fought and died with one heart and one mind. They would rather die than be enslaved. It was with the indomitable spirit of not bowing to difficulties and not yielding to the aggressors that China won a glorious victory in the annals of history in the war of Resistance against Japan. The world today is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. The international situation is complex and volatile, and the tasks of reform, development, stability, internal affairs, foreign affairs, and national defense, as well as governing the Party, state, and military are more arduous than ever. In order to gain an advantage in the competition where no advance means retreat and no strength means weakness, we must vigorously promote the great spirit and the glorious tradition of the spirit of resistance against Japanese aggression. In the whole society, we must advocate the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties, fighting bravely, not fearing hardship, and the spirit of indomitable and indomitable driving nails, so as to form a strong atmosphere of work and entrepreneurship. We will encourage Party members, officials and the people to keep their feet on the ground, be dedicated to their work, and make every effort to build a solid foundation for their work and entrepreneurship, so as to continuously advance the great cause of socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era. During the 14 years of the war of resistance against Japan, the contrast between China and Japan was huge. In the situation of strong enemy and weak enemy, unfavorable situation, political instability and material shortage, various arguments were put on the stage, such as "resisting the outside world, we must be safe at home first", "theory of national subjugation", "theory of quick victory" and "theory of saving the country on the curve". "Will China die? Answer: will not perish, the final victory is China's. Can China win quickly? Answer: we cannot win quickly. The War of Resistance against Japan will be a protracted war." In On Protracted War, Comrade MAO Zedong scientifically predicted the direction of the war, which strengthened the anti-japanese will of the whole nation to draw swords and fight to the end with blood. "The deepest root of the victory of war lies in the people." The belief of victory took root in the hearts of all the Chinese people. The Chinese nation Shared a common hatred against the enemy and went out for national disaster. It launched a desperate struggle with the aggressors and finally won a great victory.  

      On July 29, Nie Chunlei, director of the Basic level Department of the National Health Commission, led a team to investigate the construction of Nanshan Medical Group.  Lee community in the area under its jurisdiction under the civilization created, such as environmental health assessment standards according to the provinces and cities an overhaul to ascend, community group members, party members of the "two committees" volunteers, staff, grid, volunteers, the city inspector, joint-stock company staff more than 100 people to clean each regional health dead Angle, take concrete actions to advocate people improve environmental health consciousness, build civilized country. Community grid members go into residents' homes to promote environmental health and creative writing to residents from door to door, and put up posters to constantly improve residents' awareness of environmental health and creative writing, so as to ensure full coverage of publicity. JiSha community party organization of party members and the masses to participate to the boom, "national clean-up day" activities, community adhere to the principle of "full participation, comprehensive coverage, to environmental health promotion of urban village primary and secondary trunk road, party member volunteers, volunteer team picked up a broom and shovel knife, carry forward is not afraid of dirty, afraid tired of good style and unity cooperation spirit, the heap of ruins, the place, throw around behavior for centralized sorting, pass by residents of the masses for the" red vests "photo thumb up in succession. The complex building of Shenzhen Institute of Comprehensive Particle Facilities is located in the core area of Science device cluster of Bright Science City. The construction speed of the first batch of civil engineering projects of big science devices, such as brain analysis and brain simulation facilities and synthetic biology research facilities, is accelerated. Preliminary work is being carried out on the second batch of large scientific devices, such as the Second phase of National Supercomputing Shenzhen Center, precision medical imaging and material genome. The Shenzhen campus of Sun Yat-sen University will officially open this autumn, and the Shenzhen University of Technology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences will start construction this year. Xili Lake International Science and Education City, which is positioned as an important "intellectual core" in the Greater Bay Area of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, gathers universities such as Southern University of Science and Technology, Shenzhen University (Xili Campus), Harbin Institute of Technology (Shenzhen), Shenzhen International Graduate School of Tsinghua University, and Shenzhen Graduate School of Peking University. With the rapid improvement of basic research ability, science and education city in the comprehensive national science center's energy level is constantly enhanced. At present, the party committees and governments at all levels are leading the people to overcome the impact of the epidemic and push forward the fight against poverty with greater determination and strength, with the dawn of a moderately prosperous society in all respects ahead. The same desire up and down, invincible. Since the eighteenth congress, faced with arduous and complex task of reform, the party central committee with comrade xi as the core for directional, overall planning, with huge political courage and wisdom to promote comprehensively deepen reform, a series of major reform to advance, the convenient, benefiting the people and beneficial measures for implementation, coruscate gives new vitality of the earth.

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