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      Take BubbleMart, for example. Its prospectus shows that sales of its own IP account for 37.2% of its revenue. Among them, the largest IP is Molly, accounting for 26.3%, 42.6% and 27.4% of the total revenue from 2017 to 2019. This is actually a cooperation process throughout the whole industry chain: First of all, Bubble Mart cooperated with trendy toy artists to develop IP image together. In the second step, the artist provides the design sketch to Bubble Mart, and the sketch is modeled in 3D by the professional design team of Bubble Mart, and then mass production is carried out by the cooperative factory of Bubble Mart, and the final product is sold in Bubble Mart store. Yili and Mengniu still have the largest market share, whether in large supermarkets or small stores. Especially for the street shops, the most intuitive feeling of the shopkeepers is mostly. Yili is the best seller. In particular, ice cream categories such as Yili's ice factory and ice cream category with a long marketing time, such as four circles, are highly cost-effective and popular. In Hualian Jiahua store, the cold drink promotion information of Yili, Mengniu, Meilun and Nestle brands is quite conspicuous. The shop has a promotion price of 2.5 yuan Mengniu fragrant snow cup cream ice cream, the price is significantly lower than other places, an old man bought a lot. At a Taolu supermarket near the West Railway station, seven of the top 10 products by sales are from Yili and two are from Mengniu. In the middle and high-end cold drink wholesale shops near jingliu road above, customers often place orders through the takeout platform. Within one month, more than 800 yili ice cream bars were sold on Meituan platform alone. Together, Mengniu's four products sell more than 100 a month. Focus on building the world first-class public health emergency management system, effectively cope with unknown infectious disease, help shenzhen play a role of "first demonstration", the research group puts forward the specific command structure, optimize the top-level design, the detailed operation guide, perfect the emergency plan, insist on prevention, strengthen the foundation of public health, and to strengthen surveillance and improve early warning function, the overall medical resources, enhance the capacity of treatment, attaches great importance to the basic investment, improve the defense from spreading, strengthening scientific research and innovation of science and technology support, promote the data sharing, strengthen the information efficiency, standard materials reserves, raise the level of security, improve the local laws and regulations, promote the prevention and control in accordance with the ten aspects of 26 piece of advice. In this year's epidemic prevention and control, makeshift hospitals have greatly alleviated the problem of inadequate medical treatment infrastructure. "It is recommended to establish a reserve information base for medical isolation observation facilities for infectious diseases and to form an emergency conversion mechanism for public facilities. We will sort out resources such as hotels and stadiums, and suggest that planning and construction of large public facilities consider superimposing emergency functions of public health makeshift hospitals." Wanda Guo said.    

        Martin said the relevant person in charge of the street, next, Martin street will hold more activities, various forms, rich in content to deepen the understanding residents of health literacy knowledge, vigorously popularizing health knowledge, health concept, improve the level of district residents health literacy and health, boost the sixth session of the national civilized city construction.   On July 30, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to analyze and study the current economic situation and plan economic work for the second half of the year. The meeting pointed out that the implementation of macro policies should be ensured. To ensure that a series of macroeconomic policies introduced by the central government are effective, we must implement a combination of policies. We need to strengthen coordination and coordination of macroeconomic policies, and ensure that fiscal and monetary policies integrate with employment, industrial, and regional policies. This year, under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping at its core, China's macroeconomic performance has improved month by month in the face of the unexpected COVID-19 epidemic. The economic structure has been continuously optimized, and overall economic and social stability has been maintained. Among them, science, rationality, & other; I didn't expect to find a job in this way! Throughout the &; After hard work, Xiong Finally received an offer from Chongqing Yufeng Wire and cable Company. Accounting statements, cost accounting, accounting books & Hellip; & hellip; Now, with a steady job, I'm relieved. In the face of the special employment season, Jiangjin District opens up the online channels and leads the staff in the live broadcast, so that local enterprises and entrepreneurship mentors can play the leading role in the broadcast room. In & other; Jiangjin employment. WeChat official account, jiangjin district human resources market service platform and jiangjin talent network held 19 online job fairs, released over 35,500 positions for 571 enterprises, and more than 43,000 person-times participated in online job hunting. In order to improve the success rate of live-streaming, the district human Resources and Social Security Bureau has also cooperated with some colleges and universities to conduct targeted online job fairs.

      Provincial department of Finance, the relevant person in charge said that this year I province policy agricultural credit guarantee mainly show four characteristics: one is to highlight the small policy positioning of supporting agriculture. RMB 100,000 for a single family; The scale of guaranteed loans of 3 million yuan is 18.171 billion yuan, accounting for 98.3% of the total guarantee business. There are 49,700 agricultural credit guarantee projects, with an average guarantee amount of 370,000 yuan per household, reflecting the policy and inclusive orientation of agricultural credit guarantee. Second, we will focus on ensuring the safety of important agricultural products. In the first half of this year, loans for planting and breeding important agricultural products such as grain and pigs reached 10.647 billion yuan, accounting for 57.6% of the total. Among them, grain & LDquo; Agricultural credit & throughout; A total of 2,817 new guarantee projects with an amount of 945 million yuan were added. & other; Pig breeding loan & Rdquo; An additional 1,246 projects with a total amount of 646 million yuan were guaranteed. Third, the whole process of risk prevention and control should be highlighted. In the first stage, the target customer group is screened from multiple dimensions through in-depth investigation of industrial clusters and industrial chains. In the stage of preserving the middle and the rear, through & LDquo; Big data. The model realizes the cross-validation of various guarantee information and continuously reduces the guarantee risk. Fourth, we will give high priority to fiscal policy support. The provincial finance halved the premium charged for the newly increased guarantee business during the epidemic period, and raised the discount rate by 1 percentage point, greatly reducing the burden on agricultural operators. So far, 21.056 billion yuan of concessional secured loans have been provided to 55,200 new-type agricultural business entities. Shun webex for hobby of calligraphy and painting with disabilities experience of painting and calligraphy art, improve the cultural and artistic accomplishment, in the eleventh national limb disabled day approaching, on August 10, jinan wide art academy into the flyover assistive alliance (golden phoenix), art academies splash-ink home site, and to participate in the activities of the disabled friends to donate calligraphy and painting. The event was presided over by Li Wei, vice President of Tianqiao district (Golden Phoenix) Disability Alliance and director of Chuxin Post Station. Qiu Chengxue, party member and vice chairman of The District Disabled Persons' Federation and Ji 'nan Guangyi Painting and Calligraphy Institute President gave speeches respectively. Zhu Chenghui, vice chairman of the District Disabled Persons' Federation and President of the Association of Physical Disabled Persons, presented the appointment letter to The President. The painters and calligraphers of Guangyi Painting and Calligraphy Institute donated paintings and calligraphy to the Disabled Association of Tianqiao District (Golden Phoenix) and the disabled people who participated in the activity and took a group photo.    Because, there are still a lot of people do not belong to the real sense. Healthy & throughout; , is not necessarily guaranteed. Get adequate nutrients from natural foods on a daily basis. May be in the short term, or need to pay attention to the supplement of certain nutrients. After all, everyone has different genes, different health conditions, different diets, and different responses to various nutrient supplements. It has never been in doubt that what is lacking must be replenished. Vitamin minerals are added to many of the foods Americans eat, and these efforts have eliminated micronutrient deficiencies that were prevalent in the middle of the last century. In China, extensive food fortification has not been carried out, and it is not uncommon for people to have subclinical deficiency (not to the extent that it becomes a serious disease, but they already have various mild discomforts and cannot reach the optimal physical condition). Supplementation is likely to improve their condition or speed up their recovery from the disease.

      In addition, after dongbei Da Board entered Jinan in 2014, it was also popular. In The Store of Rt-Mart, some products of Dongbei Da board were bought, but there was no time to replenish the goods.  Diet, this kind of patients should drink more water, as far as possible to avoid hot pepper, ginger, garlic, pepper and other dry goods, eat less Fried food. Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins, such as: pear, radish, lotus root, honey and so on; To prevent dental caries and oral infections. On rest and rest, patients should pay attention to rest and keep warm. Fatigue, cold, long-term fatigue and lack of sleep will aggravate the disease, the patient should moderately reduce work, relax mood, avoid emotional backlog. Gout patients should be ldquo; Tube shut up & throughout; , can effectively control purine intake, reduce the risk of disease. Li Nature, deputy director of the Department of Pulmonary disease in the Affiliated Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Guangzhou Medical University, said that the climate is dry after the start of autumn, in principle, we should eat more nourishing Yin moisten dry products. But lingnan area is still the heat has not dissipated, the heat continues, gradually from wet to dry. If anxious to raise Yin in early autumn, it is easy to aggravate spleen deficiency. Especially in the past with old lung disease, repeated cough, sputum population, more likely at this time of attack, aggravation, so health should be adapted to local conditions, appropriate, not blind.  

      Fan Ke, a partner at Global Law firm, said that in recent years, the pharmaceutical industry has yet to improve its compliance level in terms of price monopoly and abuse of dominant market position. For example, in the case of the public law enforcement department, although an enterprise only participated in the organization of meetings, did not accept the drugs are not explicitly external supply and price offer, also no evidence that its written monopoly agreement or after the meeting with other attending enterprises will rise in price behavior, but because of the meeting after the end of each participating enterprise respectively in a short time through all the raised some drugs ex-factory price and still be considered and implemented a monopoly agreement. In other industries, some member enterprises of trade associations reach price monopoly agreements, or divide the sales regions and objects of member enterprises, categories of products sold and market shares, etc., which are also suspected of constituting monopoly behavior.  According to a witness surnamed Zhang, Wang asked her to transfer the money to the company after she received it. Meanwhile, zhang said that according to the company's regulations, investors can directly remit money to the company for large investments exceeding 100,000 yuan, but for small investments, they can either directly open an account at an off-line office in Beijing or submit the money to someone else on their behalf. After the investment money is paid into the company's account, the money is converted into dollars and the company sends its ID number and initial password to the person via a text message to log into the system, but since real-name authentication is required to open an account, this information cannot be held by anyone other than the person.  Goubuli with no breakthrough in his main business. Lost & throughout; In the wave of capital, we keep investing abroad and blindly expand into areas we are not familiar with. At the end of 2012, Goubuli acquired the franchise rights of Clorox coffee in China at a price of 30 million yuan. Chinese food & throughout; Crossover to & other; Western food & throughout; Field. If investing in coffee is anything to go by, goubuli's entry into the big health industry in 2017 will be a complete departure from his main business. It is reported that Gou Buli has purchased the Australian health food Henry, BJP Laboratory for Probiotics Technology and Probiotics Australia and has attempted to produce more healthy products. However, these investments have not achieved expected results and have failed to bring new growth rate to Gou.

          At present, the global epidemic and the international economic situation remain grim and complex, but in the long run, economic globalization remains the trend of history. China has always been open to the outside world. While integrating itself into the world economy, China is playing an important role in promoting economic globalization that is open, inclusive, balanced and win-win for all. In June this year, the parties to the REGIONAL Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP) held a video conference and decided to commit themselves to signing the AGREEMENT within this year. The same month, the 22nd China. The EU leaders' meeting will be held by video. The two sides hope to conclude negotiations on the China-Eu Investment agreement this year. In July, the 10th BRICS Economic and Trade Ministers' Meeting was held in a video format. The five countries pledged to jointly safeguard the multilateral trading system, oppose unilateralism and protectionism, and support the necessary reform of the WTO. & hellip; Wto Director-general Eduardo Azevedo evaluation: China is playing a more active role in the international multilateral trading system and making globalization more inclusive and beneficial to all. Throughout the &;  

        Pick & have spent & have spent Note: it is believed that most young people now have a blue or yellow App on their mobile phones, and some even have both, namely ele. me and Meituan. For the same takeout market giant, the recent friction between the two sides can be a lot. From the decoration of the deliveryman's helmet, to Meituan's cancellation of alipay payment, to whether the deliveryman in the cartoon is dressed in blue or yellow... More recently, there has been an unfair competition lawsuit. It is believed that most young people now have a blue or yellow App on their mobile phones, and some even have both, namely ele. me and Meituan. For the same takeout market giant, the recent friction between the two sides can be a lot. From the decoration of the deliveryman's helmet, to Meituan's cancellation of alipay payment method, to whether the deliveryman in the cartoon is blue or yellow. & hellip; More recently, there has been an unfair competition lawsuit.      

      In addition, the research group also suggested that the role of industry associations should be given full play, and a "list of emergency biomedical enterprises" should be established, so as to form a cooperative mechanism for enterprises, scientific research institutions, medical institutions and public health institutions to respond quickly in case of an epidemic outbreak. Sun Guoyu, member of the Municipal CPPCC and chairman of Shenzhen Neteye Media Co., LTD., believes that to build the "Shenzhen city brain", the establishment of Shenzhen public information security management system: "to start from the top-level design, the formation of the city's data a chess game, to break the 'information barriers', integrate the' information island '. Sun suggested consolidating the information sharing mechanism during the epidemic prevention and control period, changing emergency sharing to normal sharing, and reducing administrative costs. Sun Guoyu believed that an urban data application laboratory could be established to encourage all sectors of industry, universities and research institutes to participate in the laboratory construction and promote the research and development of cutting-edge data application. Data contest can be held to effectively combine with various landing scenes, fully mining data effect and feedback, and activating data application. Another popular brand looking for unicorns has been working on online channels. On January 8 this year, unicorns and Tmall launched the online box extraction machine. Based on the small shopping program opened by the flagship store 2.0, merchants can provide consumers with rich personalized services according to the shopping scene. The conversion rate is 10 times higher, and the cycle of re-purchase is reduced by half. Goco, a blind box brand, is cool enough to compete for online traffic during the epidemic by launching new miniprograms and upgrading its online box extracters. As a leader in cultural and creative fields, the Forbidden City has also begun to set foot in online blind box sales. Following April 21 in & LDquo; The Imperial Palace Taobao; After the first batch of blind boxes were created, in July, the Palace Museum launched a new batch of blind boxes featuring figures from the Ming Dynasty court. It is understood that as of July 16, the two blind box sales more than 15,500 copies.  Martin said the relevant person in charge of the street, next, Martin street will hold more activities, various forms, rich in content to deepen the understanding residents of health literacy knowledge, vigorously popularizing health knowledge, health concept, improve the level of district residents health literacy and health, boost the sixth session of the national civilized city construction.  

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