How about joining adult products

How about joining adult products

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How about joining adult products


        In China, state-owned enterprises enjoy equal access to factors of production, fair participation in market competition and equal legal protection with enterprises under other ownership. In the market competition, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises are jointly tested by the market rules. In the continuous reform and construction exploration, state-owned enterprises in Shenzhen have become bigger and better, and have shown vigor and vitality in the market. On August 11, the Press Office of Shenzhen Municipal Government held a press conference specially for state-owned enterprises. At the meeting, the main person in charge of the Municipal SasAC and the person in charge of Shenzhen Investment Control, Shenzhen Venture Capital and Shennong Group introduced the development of state-owned assets and enterprises in Shenzhen. The event was held on the occasion of the first anniversary of building a socialist pilot demonstration zone with Chinese characteristics in Shenzhen and the 40th anniversary of the establishment of shenzhen Special Economic Zone. It was also the first special press conference held since the launch of the comprehensive reform experiment of regional state-owned assets and enterprises in Shenzhen.    

       We will strengthen policy publicity and guidance. In carrying out their work, local governments should pay attention to policy publicity and interpretation, constantly innovate publicity methods, increase publicity efforts, make good use of new media and new means such as WeChat and weibo, do a good job in guiding public opinion during important nodes such as holidays, actively respond to social concerns, and create a good public opinion environment. In particular, in the context of the normal epidemic prevention and control, local governments should provide overall guidance for epidemic prevention and control and orderly opening of scenic spots, establish and improve reservation systems, and guide tourists to enter the parks at intervals and travel at different peaks. Evaluation should be done before the implementation of temporary preferential policies to prevent passenger flow exceeding the limit. All regions should have real-time and dynamic information about the investigation and evaluation results of ticket supervision and examination in scenic spots within their jurisdiction, the reduction of supporting services, ticket reduction policies and other relevant information, update and review the information, and report timely. Carefully summarize the achievements and existing problems of the past three years' work, and form written materials, and submit them to the National Development and Reform Commission (Price Division) in early December.  It is worth mentioning that the added value of the seven strategic emerging industries in Shenzhen exceeded the trillion yuan mark in 2019, reaching 1.015.551 billion yuan, becoming the main engine of economic growth. In the first half of this year, Shenzhen's economic growth "dramatically reversed" from negative 6.6 percent in the first quarter to positive 0.1 percent in the first half, making strategic emerging industries a mainstay. According to the latest data from the Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Statistics, the added value of strategic emerging industries reached 449.816 billion yuan in the first half of this year, up 8.7 percentage points from the first quarter. Another positive sign: In the first half of this year, Shenzhen registered 17,000 new enterprises in seven strategic emerging industries, up 38.5 percent year on year.  

      Although nearly half of the top 100 housing enterprises have laid out their urban renewal businesses, there is also a large gap in the scale involved based on factors such as entry time, capital investment and operation experience. According to the public information disclosed by enterprises, it can be found that the scale of real estate enterprises participating in urban renewal spans a huge span. The large scale involves more than 100 projects with a total construction area of more than 70 million square meters, while the small scale only participates in one project, less than 100,000 square meters. Aiming at the urban renewal field in the stock era, Yihan believes that project operation will become a new challenge for real estate enterprises. Especially in an industry where financing is tight and sales growth is slowing, it is not a wise choice to participate heavily in urban renewal projects. "If the city renewal is a short term operation, then it is a medium - and long-term operation to plan for the long-term development of enterprises. Compared with the quick turnover mode of the city renewal, the cycle of urban renewal is generally long and the capital takes up a large amount." At present, JINGdong is not only the largest increment field of more than 260 billion yuan brands and hundreds of thousands of third-party merchants in the world, but also through in-depth cooperation with many partners such as walmart, Five Star Appliance, Gome, D.Phone, And Kuaiche, opens up its own infrastructure, and builds an innovation ecology with technology and partners. In the past five years, the number of employees of JINGdong Group has increased from 100,000 to 260,000, indirectly contributing to more than 15 million jobs and becoming a "stabilizer" of employment. Jd's integration with the global industrial chain is further deepened. According to the newly released Digital Procurement Development Report of Chinese Enterprises 2019, JD had served over 8 million active corporate customers by June 30, 2020, among which 91% of the Fortune Global 500 enterprises have reached cooperation with JD.   At the scene, the "book brother" made his first appearance in Futian, giving no less than 10,000 free copies of "Civil Code" to the public. The special exhibition of "Civil Code", featuring pictures, literature and materials, was an eye-opener. The legal advisory service support policy of futian District against the epidemic was also realized at the scene. The special publicity activity of the civil Code aims to implement the relevant arrangements of the central committee, the province and the city on strengthening the study, publicity and implementation of civil law, improve the concept and quality of the rule of law among the people in the district, and create a good atmosphere of the rule of law for Shenzhen to build the seventh national civilized city and create a quality business environment. The activity was jointly organized by the Publicity Department of Futian District Committee, The District Office of comprehensive administration according to law of Futian District Committee, The Justice Bureau of Futian District (District Office of Law Popularization), lotus Sub-district Office and other departments. Jiang Xiaowen, deputy Party secretary and deputy director of Shenzhen Justice Bureau, Meng Man, deputy head of Futian District, Tang Xiaodong, Secretary of Discipline Inspection of Shenzhen Branch of China Development Bank, Li Jungang, vice President of China Bank Financial Leasing Co., LTD, Ma Xiaoge, director of Futian District Justice Bureau, as well as representatives from various streets, enterprises and law firms participated in the activity.

      On the morning of August 11, Pingshan District and Shenzhen Middle School held the opening ceremony of Shenzhen Pingshan Innovation School Preparatory Group in Shenzhen High School. Guan Su, member of the Party Committee and second-level inspector of Shenzhen Education Bureau, Zhu Huawei, principal of Shenzhen Middle School, Tao Yongxin, Secretary of Pingshan District Party Committee, Li Yong, district leader Peng Yao and relevant personnel of the preparatory group attended the ceremony. Sue said, in recent years, the plateau mountainous area education career, significant changes: the rapid development of a strong introduction of shenzhen, shenzhen high school, senior high school, northeast normal university affiliated high school of basic education school, such as the ground construction of shenzhen university of technology, actively promote the construction of shenzhen normal university preparation, vigorously implement the compulsory education quality improvement project, innovation to build citizens do schools pairing support mechanism, entrance examination for secondary school or college achievement problem, was making big strides towards the construction of shenzhen eastern education highland, result is impressive. From a modern, international and innovative city, to a capital of innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity with global influence, to a global benchmark city with competitiveness, innovation and outstanding influence. Innovation has always been the core word of Shenzhen's development. General Secretary Xi Jinping has said that innovation is the primary driving force for development. The development of Shenzhen Special Economic Zone in the past 40 years is a struggle history about innovation. Shenzhen SPECIAL Economic Zone's future journey is still a statement about innovation. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that over the past 40 years of reform and opening up, we have forged a new and good road through unremitting efforts, and made a great leap forward from "catching up with The Times" to "leading The Times". In this historical process, seZs are recognized as one of the important methodologies. It is understood that this year, the total prize amount of the competition has increased to 2 million yuan, among which there are 6 first, second and third prizes in the enterprise group, and the total prize amount is 1 million yuan. 6 team awards with a total bonus of 700,000 yuan. In addition, there are various forms of the competition this year, and more attention is paid to the transformation of the competition results. The first special biomedical workshop was set up to facilitate the integrated development of the industry. To build a "cloud platform" for the event and enhance the brand influence of Guangming District through the operation of online entrepreneurship and innovation platform; Pre-competition project tracking and one-to-one professional training; To set up a "Light-creating Investment team" to solve the financing difficulties of participating projects; Link major banking institutions to create project capital "solutions". A letter from a tenant of The Jingyuan Building in Luohu District was posted online Tuesday. She kept a large golden retriever, wore a muzzle, rode a freight elevator and rarely walked her dog in the neighborhood, the letter said. Can rent for three months, the property has received several complaints from residents, because the dog is too big, some residents are more afraid. Soon after, the Property company put up a notice about pet ownership, specifically asking for dog walks after 10:30 p.m. For this matter, there are different views on the Internet. Some netizens said that uncivilized dog ownership should be resisted, rather than household compliance. Some netizens believe that walking the dog to avoid the rush hour can reduce unnecessary neighborhood disputes and even frighten and hurt people, and they should understand each other. In addition, in order to cooperate with the live broadcast activities, Shenzhen Wildlife Park, Splendid China ⷠChina Folk Culture Village, Qingqing World and other scenic spots and enterprises in Shenzhen also sent travel gifts to the online live viewers, which helped the live broadcast complete successfully. Review two live, shenzhen safari park said "the activities on real-time, interactive broadcast live on the huge advantage, in the transmission of information carrying huge propaganda value, followed by today's most popular trend of propaganda, to play a good role in driving the scenic spot of propaganda, market reaction effect is good, we can also according to the need of tourists for further service and products to promote." "Live broadcast activities have brought a lot of market conversion rate for Splendid China. We look forward to more such colorful and close activities for young people to participate in in the future. Qingqing World also gave praise to this live broadcast activity. "The travel live broadcast project is novel and interesting, with full sense of scene insertion and immersion. The interaction between online audiences is very active, which really keeps pace with The Times and accurately captures the eyes of young groups

      "The real estate sector is gradually transitioning from an incremental market to a stock market. "This means that the room for new home growth is shrinking and will gradually transition to a downward trend and be maintained at a certain level after a certain stage." "With the advent of the stock era, it will become the new normal for real estate companies to swarm into the field of urban renewal," the analyst said. "According to annual reports and public information, we can see that among the top 100 listed real estate companies, nearly half of them have engaged in urban renewal." If we focus on the top 50 listed real estate companies, the proportion is 61 percent, according to Shen Xiaoling, a researcher at Crewe Real Estate Research Center. Over the decades, there have been many similar stories. The compilation and revision of Xinhua Dictionary started with a group of famous experts and scholars: Ye Shengtao, Wei Jiangong, Shao Xilin... Over the years, the names of many experts have been added. Some Chinese characters have taken on new meanings. For example, "sun" added a new definition of "show", more refers to the network publicly disclosed (their information), such as "sun salary". "Mortgage slave", "education gate" and other Internet "hot words" also appeared among them. Words related to national economy and people's livelihood also increased a lot. For example, if "people's livelihood" is added in the interpretation of "people", the word is "concerned about people's livelihood". The word "harmony" has been added to "harmony". In addition, delete some words that are used less frequently, such as "kerosene".    

      Scientific and technological innovation at the industrial level is supported by institutional innovation. The demonstration and driving of "banner" requires Shenzhen to continue to explore institutional incentives that match the reality. About the rise of Shenzhen enterprises, there has always been a "Question of Shenzhen". At the beginning of this century, visiting sister provinces and cities would ask "Shenzhen's question" : Why did Shenzhen cultivate Huawei? The current "Shenzhen question" regularly appears on the release of the Fortune Global 500 list: Why the emergence of world-class private enterprises in Shenzhen? The answer to "Shenzhen question" in different periods is basically the same: market economy is the cornerstone. Why shenzhen can cultivate Huawei? An old leader in Shenzhen said: Huawei did not cultivate, is its own growth. A few big trees always grow in the forest because it creates a good climate for growth. Why do world-class private enterprises rise collectively in Shenzhen? 'This is an inevitable result,' said A well-known chamber of Commerce President in Shenzhen. 'The reason is that Shenzhen is a hot place for the private sector to grow freely.'  Five, ten, one hundred, three thousand... Twenty-one years ago, the elderly bought an empty two-story building in Gelong Village, Waigang Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, in a trendy crowd-funding deal. They named it Cizhou Nursing Home, which aims to help each other provide for the aged. The old people from all over the country like this way of supporting their old age. At most, there are 22 people living in the building at the same time. They help each other and live in harmony.   It was the biggest drop watsons China has ever reported. It is understood that the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is only part of the story. Watsons' dilemma is more about consumers being less willing to go to Watsons. Once upon a time, The Quchen family was a "trendy" place in the eyes of young people, but now, it has been forgotten by young people. The problems of both commodity structure and service quality are all related to the aging and lack of innovation of Watsons' own stores. Of course, Watsons is also aware of this and has been trying various ways to capture the hearts of young people. It is understood that in recent years, Watsons has not only launched color Lab, "Play beauty concept store" and other new formats of business, but also created virtual idol brand AI (artificial intelligence) spokesperson "Qu Chenxi Wilson", and various IP (intellectual property) co-branded products are emerging one after another. In addition, Watsons also cooperated with Cainiao, Ele. me, Jingdong Home and other companies to expand delivery services.

            Wu Shigao, head of the science popularization department of the Provincial Association for Science and Technology, said That Shenzhen is a "hot land" and "lucky land" for scientific innovation, and he hoped that the following work would bring a series of exciting results in the popularization of science. He said that science education should start with children, and the "Bay Area Science and Technology Baby" series of activities with good ideas, good platform, good team, good products and good expectations will help to effectively transform Shenzhen's advantages in scientific and technological innovation achievements into advantages in science popularization. It is understood that the "Bay Area Science and Technology Baby" series of activities are the popular science brand that Shenzhen and Bao 'an district have carefully created. As one of the city symbols of Shenzhen, high-tech bears a lot of innovation impetus and elements. Based in Baoan, the "Bay Area Science and Technology Baby" relies on the science and technology resources of Shenzhen and the Greater Bay Area to help science education. Conference, the organizing committee of the campus and the day von teacher introduced the "bay area technology Eva" series of activities of an important content: through collecting enterprise technology products form teaching package, for schools to carry out the campus and activities of science and technology information, let students experience the guest experience science and technology, have fun in the free creation, inspire and cultivate the children's scientific thinking and hands-on ability.

      After clicking "submit", the project information cannot be modified, but can only be viewed, and the status is displayed as "to be reviewed".   This year marks the end of the tough fight against poverty. Shenzhen agricultural products group co., LTD., chairman of jian-feng he said that deep farming group active well-documented, innovation has created the nation's first "never ending poverty relief center, shenzhen consumption" as the counterpart support areas and group, more than 60000 customers across the country for links, accelerate the poor area depth into a large bay area of guangdong and shenzhen markets of agricultural products, strive to build long-term support mechanism. At the same time, innovative exhibition and sales, to "Poverty alleviation in Shenzhen? Relying on the online platform, the online exhibition hall and online exhibition and sales will be released simultaneously. Through new media such as Douyin, Taobao and Kuaishou, the sales of poverty alleviation products will be promoted. It is estimated that the annual sales of agricultural products in poor areas will reach 2 billion yuan, effectively helping poverty alleviation through consumption. 

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