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      Define the positioning of the group's member units. Implement differential development. Huazhong University of Science and Technology Union Shenzhen Hospital will be built into Nanshan Regional Medical Center. Shenzhen Qianhai Shekou Free Trade Zone Hospital has been built into a free trade zone hospital in line with international standards. The Hospital of South University of Science and Technology has been built into a tertiary first-class hospital with distinctive specialty characteristics. Nanshan District Maternal and child health care hospital has been built into a class A maternal and child health care hospital. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Nanshan District and the Hospital for Chronic Disease Prevention and Control in Nanshan District shall be responsible for the specific guidance and supervision of public health service projects within their jurisdiction. Focus on building "six unified" regional discipline alliances. Ariations in accordance with the principles of diversity development, according to the jurisdiction, in clubs, center, for the population, the group member unit of national, provincial, city and district key disciplines into a regional alliance, realize regional unified discipline planning, resource allocation, unified information platform, unified technical support and community first, unified grading diagnosis and treatment, two-way referral. We will realize five "seamless connections" between medical and health institutions and social and health centers, including the level of hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, prevention and rehabilitation, service capacity, family hospital beds, and the establishment of a benchmark. SZTUK is a high-level public kindergarten entrusted by shenzhen Pingshan District Government to be managed and operated by SZTUK. The kindergarten will make full use of platform resources, effectively utilize parents and community resources, and strive to build a high-quality kindergarten with innovative spirit and international vision, relying on the educational ideology and cultural heritage of colleges and universities.   "The public welfare training in the community is not only free to learn, to help children put down their mobile phones and computers, to enrich their summer life, but also effectively relieve the pressure on us parents to take care of children in the summer, just like 'timely rain' to warm everyone's heart!" There are no trivial issues concerning people's livelihood. In 2020, South Australia will adhere to the direction of improving people's well-being, "the leader" personally, highlight small investment, strengthen weak points, add characteristics, benefit the people, go to the masses to solicit micro practical matters, and by giving full play to the role of grassroots party organizations as a battle fortress, serve the people, seek for both quantity and quality, and regulate simultaneously. "The micro practical matters project for people's livelihood in South Australia insists on giving play to the leading role of the community Party committee in the micro practical matters for people's livelihood. It is led by the community Party committee, with the participation of the neighborhood committee and all party branches. It adopts the form of combined centralized collection and daily collection to quickly solve the trivial matters, emergencies and difficult problems around the residents. South Australia office related person in charge of the introduction. On this basis, the south Australian strictly carry out "four LiangGongKai" the decision-making mechanism, accepts the populace to supervise the whole process, the final 213 key micro "projects of the people's livelihood, infrastructure, environmental governance, folk culture, education and training, love, care, leisure, recreation, health care and other fields to carry out the" mass order ", the government to pay the service idea, make each project is "tailored", earnestly to micro and fell to the hearts of the people's livelihood, let people have more real feeling.

        We will carry out the "three one-hundred projects". It is the first "three hundred" project in the city. It is planned to set up 100 community chief expert studios in the whole region within three years, train 100 chief general practitioners and 100 chief general practitioners nurses, and systematically improve the diagnosis and treatment level and service capacity of social health centers. Implement the "Six standards" construction. Namely, standardization of construction, identification, equipment, service, management and remuneration, to improve the hardware level and overall image of the hospital. Fully carry out 2000 kinds of nanshan district medicine advantage prescription. Break the grading diagnosis and two-way referral bottleneck, drug catalogue included all the members of the group unit, expansion of the clubs, center drug directory, at the center of the club, drugs increased from 460 to 2000, using regional alliance, community residents in the center of the club, can enjoy the homogeneity and tertiary hospital medical services and medical supplies more preferential services.  Huawei is ecological


       Located in Tanglangcheng Square, Liuxian Avenue, Taoyuan Street, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, the stable rental housing is available in 172 sets, with a total of 8 types of housing: one room with a floor area of 31-41 square meters, two rooms with a floor area of 58-61 square meters, and three rooms with a floor area of 84-86 square meters. The base rent is about 110 yuan/month ⷠsquare meters. The specific rent for a single apartment is based on the base rent, with slight differences due to the floor, orientation and other factors. The houses are seamlessly connected to Tanglang Station of Line 5. Within 1.5 km, there are many communities, kindergartens, primary schools, junior middle schools and office buildings, with complete supporting facilities for life. Lee community in the area under its jurisdiction under the civilization created, such as environmental health assessment standards according to the provinces and cities an overhaul to ascend, community group members, party members of the "two committees" volunteers, staff, grid, volunteers, the city inspector, joint-stock company staff more than 100 people to clean each regional health dead Angle, take concrete actions to advocate people improve environmental health consciousness, build civilized country. Community grid members go into residents' homes to promote environmental health and creative writing to residents from door to door, and put up posters to constantly improve residents' awareness of environmental health and creative writing, so as to ensure full coverage of publicity. JiSha community party organization of party members and the masses to participate to the boom, "national clean-up day" activities, community adhere to the principle of "full participation, comprehensive coverage, to environmental health promotion of urban village primary and secondary trunk road, party member volunteers, volunteer team picked up a broom and shovel knife, carry forward is not afraid of dirty, afraid tired of good style and unity cooperation spirit, the heap of ruins, the place, throw around behavior for centralized sorting, pass by residents of the masses for the" red vests "photo thumb up in succession. Recently, the pingshan district group work department organized to hold a civilized city voluntary service work promotion meeting, further implement the communist Party Committee of the Communist Youth League, district Civilization office on the creation of a national civilized city work related requirements, promote the creation of cultural "volunteer service station" construction. Wu Huixian, director of group work Department of Pingshan District, and leaders of the District Civilization Office, District Health Bureau, District Administration Data Service Administration, Malian Mountain Country Park Management Center, Pingshan Administration Bureau of Municipal Transportation Bureau, working committee of all subdistricts, volunteer teams directly under the district, U station and other relevant departments attended the meeting. The meeting conveyed the spirit of pingshan district on the creation of a national civilized city, and the relevant matters of the creative culture will be fully deployed. The district Civilization Office has made a supplementary explanation on the main points of creative culture and voluntary service, and put forward some guiding Suggestions on the establishment of voluntary service in the district civilized city. Subsequently, the relevant units reported the unit civilized city to create voluntary service work progress and the next work plan, and exchange and discussion.  

         With the increasing number of pet owners in the city, the conflict between dog lovers and residents who are afraid of dogs has become increasingly prominent. In particular, some uncivilized pet keeping behaviors such as walking dogs without a leash and not cleaning up dog excrement, as well as occasional incidents of dog abuse and poisoning, have worsened the relationship between the two sides. Opinions vary on the requirement that the dog should not be walked after 10:30 in the case. What do you think about that?   

            Relying on the fertile soil digital platform, Huawei has participated in the construction process of digital government in Shenzhen, and assisted the digital transformation of more than 1,800 enterprises in Shenzhen together with numerous ecological partners. Ping An Smart City, which is under Ping An, has built smart city construction samples in Shenzhen and been promoted in many parts of the country. CityBase, an industrial Internet platform launched by Tencent Cloud, is also accelerating its launch in Shenzhen.

        Sponsored by the Group work Department of Longhua District and Longhua District Women's Federation, and co-organized by Fucheng Sub-district Women's Federation and 5 community women's federations, this is a special project of longhua Sub-District Women's Federation "Women's and Children's Home" in 2020, "Rainbow Flower Dream Schoolbag -- Promoting Book Fragrance Community". This summer holiday will bring happy time to families in Fucheng sub-district. "It is better to give a child ten books than a good one; It is better to give a child a way to read than to give him ten good books; Instead of giving a child ten ways to read, give him a mom and dad with whom to share his reading." In each event, the words of Yi Ran, a writer of children's literature, were passed on to the participating parents through the lecturers in the small study of Rainbow Flower public Welfare. Parents are their children's first reading teachers. In the process of accompanying their children to read, parents can obtain high-quality parent-child companionship and form a good parent-child relationship. The parent-child reading activity of the project of "Rainbow Flower Dream Schoolbag - Book Power Community" is just a window to convey the concept of parent-child reading. Parents not only accompany their children to read at the activity site, but also feel the happiness that reading brings to children. Since much starker choices-and graver consequences-in ", "deep pitch control according to the municipal party committee, municipal government policy decisions, by" aggregate resources, breeding industry, urban service "as our mission, and strive to create" science and technology, finance, science and technology park, science and technology industry "three industrial clusters, to build" science and technology innovation resources into financial + + science and technology park, science and technology of the listed company + science and technology industry cluster "five integrated business model, set up financial as the" sunshine "by the science and technology, science and technology park as the" soil ", by the science and technology industry as the "seeds and young plants and trees" the full life cycle of industrial ecological system. In recent years, Shenzhen Investment Holding has accelerated its transformation and development, comprehensively deepened its reform, and achieved new highs in various business indicators centering on building a world-class state-owned capital investment company. Compared with 2016 at the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, the total assets of the company reached 699.5 billion yuan at the end of 2019, an increase of 75%. Net assets of 305.5 billion yuan, up 75%; Its operating revenue reached rmb1993/93 billion, up 366%; Profits totaled 25.2 billion yuan, up 67%; Taxes paid amounted to 16.2 billion yuan, an increase of 50%. The station is set up in the north-south direction at the east side of the New District Avenue (tunnel section) between Yulong Road and Liuxian Avenue, and parallel transfer with the Station hall of Shenzhen North Railway Station of Line 4. There are four entrances and exits in the station: A, B, C and D. The entrances and exits of A and D are located in the east side of the station of Line 4 and Line 6. The main part of the vertical station is arranged in the direction of the East Square and connects directly to the East Square from the station hall. The entrances and exits of No. B and C are located below the main body of the stations of No. 4 and No. 6 of The National Railway East Square and direct to the common station hall of No. 4 and No. 6. In the vicinity of Shenzhen North Railway Station, you can enjoy the beautiful natural scenery, overlooking the people coming to shenzhen North Railway Station, and overlooking the high-rise buildings, feel the tranquility of the bustling city. And the Bingo Bingo Space Shopping Center, located on the passenger replacement floor of the East Square of Shenzhen North Railway Station, allows you to eat, drink and play in one stop. 

          Among them, the bonded area to deep hui inter-city sea before you south section (including dapeng branch), shenzhen airport to shenzhen airport to daya bay inter-city ping mountain section, guangzhou guan deep inter-city south extension line, tangxia to longgang inter-city, changping to longhua inter-city 5 inter-city routes such as connect with large bay area cities in shenzhen, the total mileage of 343 kilometers, with a total investment of 182.9 billion yuan. Among the five great Bay Area intercity railways connecting Shenzhen, the section from Shenzhen Airport to Daya Bay Intercity Shenzhen Airport to Pingshan, and the South extension line of Suiguan-Shenzen intercity goes through Baoan. It is reported that the section from Shenzhen Airport to Daya Bay Intercity Shenzhen Airport to Pingshan Is 70 kilometers from Shenzhen Airport to Shenzhen Pingshan Station via Longhua Station. Suiguan Shenzhen-Shenzhen Intercity South Extension connects suiguan, Guan and Shenzhen existing intercity railway, starting from Shenzhen Airport station, passing through Futian Station and arriving at Huanggang Port, with a total length of 35 kilometers. After completion, guangzhou, Dongguan and Shenzhen will be connected.  

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