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Do you have any medicine in the self-service adult store

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         Ten thousand square meters. Existing engineering school, business school, humanities college, aviation institute, college of music, seven secondary college of health institute, institute of chemical technology, set up department (department, center), engineering, management, economics, literature, art, medicine and other disciplines, students, and the related material package sent to the school human resources recruitment inbox and recruitment department. Please indicate the subject of the email: graduate school, name, education background, major, professional title, specific position applied for, university talent network. Human anatomy and tissue embryology, human physiology, biochemistry and molecular biology (medical), pathology, social medicine, pathogen biology, preventive medicine, diagnostics (health assessment), internal medicine, surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, health service management, geriatrics, rehabilitation evaluation, rehabilitation engineering, physical therapy, homework therapy, speech therapy, the traditional methodology of rehabilitation, rehabilitation psychology, basic nursing, medical nursing, surgical nursing, gynecology and obstetrics nursing, pension services and management, health management, food nutrition and health professional . The medical examiner determines. According to the interview results, the number of people to be hired according to the subject of the post from high to low scores to determine the physical examination personnel. If the last rank of a post is equal, the public recruitment leading group will organize an additional test, and those with higher scores will be confirmed as the physical examination objects. The list of physical examination personnel and the time of physical examination passed through the People's Government network of Pingchang County. The public has no objection to hire personnel, according to the tentative management measures for the business unit personnel employment in sichuan province, by the related department to hire formalities, the post employment management, and fill in the pingchang county institution open recruitment staff registration form "(in quadruplicate), one in the personal files, as a new supplementary business unit staff personnel file vouchers. The personnel employed to occupy the establishment of financial undertakings shall be brought into the county financial supply.  

          If the examinee fails to notify the examinee of the physical examination or fails to arrive at the concentrated place within the specified time due to personal reasons, the examination shall be deemed to have been abandoned. If the examinee has any doubt about the physical examination result, he/she can submit the application for reexamination within 7 days from the date of receiving the notice of the physical examination conclusion. The reexamination can only be conducted once. The physical examination result shall be subject to the reexamination conclusion. In case of unqualified physical examination, the candidates for physical examination may be made up according to the order of comprehensive performance from high to low. Those who pass the physical examination will be selected in accordance with the order of comprehensive results from high to low and the proportion of 1:1 that the number of applicants is planned to be admitted. When candidates give up automatically or cannot be determined to be candidates for recruitment, the candidates will be replaced according to the situation. The investigation was carried out by means of individual conversation, field visit, examination of personnel archives and inquiry of social credit records. 

       According to the actual number of interviews. In case of juxtaposition can also participate in the interview. If the written test has missed the test, cheated or the score is zero, the interview is not allowed.  

      Job requirements: Understand the domestic and foreign economic and financial situation, familiar with regulatory policies, have a deep understanding of the development direction and strategic choice of commercial Banks that are integrated and collectivised; Excellent ability of data statistical analysis, data sorting, strong writing ability, independent analysis and judgment ability, research ability, etc.; Experience in management of financial holding group or large commercial bank is preferred. Job responsibilities: Tracked and studied relevant policies and decisions of the central government, regulatory authorities and other financial reforms, as well as the institutional reform of domestic and foreign commercial Banks, investigated and studied the institutional construction and reform of the bank, and put forward relevant opinions and Suggestions; Participate in drafting and organizing the promotion of various institutional and institutional reform plans of the bank, and regularly track and evaluate the implementation status and effectiveness of the reform. 1. Online registration. Apply for personnel with valid id card, academic degree certificate and other relevant qualification certificate for registration, fill out the registration form, clear to enter oneself for an examination, registration requirements (in gansu province civil servant law examinations authority of civil servants and reference management unit staff professional classification reference list (try out) "and other professional reference directory, submitted to the registration requirements of to apply for personnel qualification review (should be original) to the scene. Those who fail in the qualification review shall not attend the interview and assessment. (4) Interview and assessment. The interview is conducted in a structured way, mainly to test the candidates' political quality, moral performance, job motivation and the matching of the proposed post. The proportion between the number of people entering the interview and the recruitment plan is not up to the target  Department "about dealing with COVID - 19 outbreak affect the implementation of part of the professional qualification & other mount guard, and then research & throughout; phased measures notice spirit, but not yet get teacher certification in accordance with the conditions for the teachers' qualification examination and teachers' qualification about the ideological and political quality, mandarin level, physical condition, such as requirement of college graduates, can sign up. However, if the teacher fails to obtain the corresponding teacher qualification within the probation period after employment, the employment contract shall be terminated according to law. The proportion of speakers (professional skills assessment) shall be determined in turn, and the last speaker (professional skills assessment) shall be determined as the speaker (professional skills assessment) if the written test scores of the last speaker (professional skills assessment) are in parallel. If the actual number of applicants for the interview is lower than the stipulated proportion of candidates for the interview due to the qualification of giving up the speaking course (professional skills assessment) or the vacancy of the exam, the interview shall be conducted normally. The personnel entering the lecture (professional skill assessment) link shall be notified by the recruitment unit by telephone. 

      All the above materials shall be provided with electronic version, copy or scanning copy, among which the certificate of academic degree verification shall be provided. If there is no time to provide the certificate at the time of registration, the original of relevant materials shall be submitted at the latest during the qualification review, otherwise the employment qualification shall be cancelled.    : Beijing Foreign Enterprise Human Resources Service Co., Ltd. will conduct qualification examination for the applicants. Applicants submit relevant information and relevant materials truthfully, the qualification review throughout the whole process of recruitment, any fraud, once verified, that is, canceled the examination or admission qualification. : The selection and employment will be conducted in the way of video preliminary test and offline interview. Those who pass the first test will attend the offline interview. Please refer to the interview notice for the time and place. Please bring the following materials during the interview: personal valid ID card, academic degree certificate, original of various professional qualification certificates (such as Cet-4 and CET-6, etc.), household registration copy with municipal household registration, and residence permit with non-municipal household registration.

         ), one of the first joint-stock commercial Banks approved by the State Council and the People's Bank of China, is also the first Equatorbank in China. At present, it has grown into a mainstream commercial banking group in China with Banks as the main body, covering trust, financial leasing, fund, futures, asset management, consumer finance, research and consulting, digital finance and other fields, and has become a strong bank in the world. The Development planning Department of Industrial Bank is a first level management department headquartered in Fuzhou. Due to actual work needs, it is recruiting several staff members for the public. We sincerely welcome all kinds of professionals who have both ability and integrity and are brave enough to accept challenges to join us. The positions and specific requirements are as follows:   

        2. Interested applicant should send the relevant materials in a compressed package to Mr. Huang of Sports College (Qidian Football College) via email (, and indicate in the email subject: "Apply for teacher of football College + name + school of graduation". 3. Materials to be submitted: (1) The "Jiangxi Normal University 2020 Professional And Technical Post Recruitment Application Form" and "Jiangxi Normal University 2020 Professional and Technical Post Recruitment Information Summary Form" filled in by myself; Personal resume; (3) Scanning copies of all kinds of certificates, certificates, such as ID card, bachelor's degree certificate and graduate degree certificate and credit network "Electronic Registration record Form of Educational Certificate of the Ministry of Education" and so on (fresh graduates can provide employment recommendation form of graduates if they have not obtained academic degree certificate); (4) Scanning copies of all kinds of certification materials with official seal (certification materials of Party members issued in the place where the party organization relations are located, etc.); if the applicant is a staff member of a public institution, the applicant shall also provide the certificate of approval issued by the institution.   

      , the registration form should be printed unless the signature is handwritten. The scanned copy of id card, graduation certificate and degree certificate will be sent to the email address designated by the employer in a compressed package. The subject format of the email is: registration personnel should fill in and submit the registration information truthfully. Each person can only choose one post to register. The information provided by the applicant should be accurate, true and valid. Those who practice fraud will be disqualified once verified. By the recruitment unit and its competent departments to apply for the basic information of the candidates, the qualifications for examination. The qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. If any violation of discipline and regulations, false information provided or unqualified for the post is found in the recruitment process, the public recruitment qualification will be cancelled at any time.  The applicant shall obtain the corresponding academic degree on the date of graduation, and guarantee that he/she will obtain the academic degree certificate, academic degree certificate, medical practitioner qualification certificate, and standardized training certificate for doctors (general practice or resident) at the end of the year of graduation. Those who cannot obtain the certificate after the deadline will be dismissed. Personnel who have obtained intermediate or above professional titles may verify their professional titles, and the certificate for standardized training for doctors is not compulsory. Zibo & LDQuo; Elite talent recruitment action. (The fifth batch) General Chapter, in accordance with the regulations on Personnel Management of Public Institutions and other relevant provisions, is now the fifth batch of Zibo & LDQUO; Elite talent recruitment action. The related announcements of the first recruitment of municipal health system are as follows. Years (including the probationary period) of the civil servants and the reference to the management of civil servant law, in the recruitment of civil servants and institution open recruitment recruitment (hiring) determined by the competent authority of serious disciplinary violations, and shall apply for personnel, personnel of the object being joint punishment in accordance with the law as a faithless, active servicemen, "avoid personnel management regulations" (people club department rules  

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If the candidates fail to pass the qualification review or give up the qualification review, the vacant places for the interview shall be filled in the same amount in turn according to the written test results, and the candidates shall be filled in the same order from high score to low score. If the candidates have equal scores, they shall be all qualified for the qualification review. After the qualification review, the qualified personnel will be confirmed as candidates for the interview. If there is a vacancy, it will not be filled. Physical examination shall be conducted in the general hospital at or above the county level designated by the leadership group. Those who do not participate in physical examination or fail to pass the physical examination shall not be employed. The physical examination shall be carried out according to the General Standards for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (trial). The medical examination fee shall be borne by the applicant. Inspection arranged by hiring leadership group, by unit of choose and employ persons and departments in charge of inspection, the content including the candidate's political ideology, moral quality, law-abiding, self-discipline, ability quality, work attitude, learning and work performance and the situation of the need to avoid, etc., and to enter oneself for an examination the applicant to provide the review or audit the authenticity of information and archives. Domestic fresh graduates mainly investigate the applicant's learning situation during the school, usually ideological and political performance, in principle to the school graduation appraisal and other certification materials. Other persons shall be issued by the police station or community or village committee in the place where their hukou is registered to certify their law-abiding, ideological and political performance, etc. The employer will form written materials based on the investigation results and deposit them in the applicant's personnel file.

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It is divided into qualified lines, which mainly examine the comprehensive qualities such as education and teaching level, organization and coordination ability, personality psychology, appearance and manner, and the basic teaching skills such as language expression and blackboard writing. According to the recruitment position, the judging panel will select the corresponding teaching materials. The applicant shall prepare for the course, take the mini-course and reply in the closed time and designated place. Those who apply for the position of music teacher will take the mini-class and try their professional skills after the defense. On the mini-course, defense and professional skills plus test results by the judges on the spot to inform the interviewer. The proportion of the candidates who need to pay the interview fee shall be determined according to the total score from high to low score (if the total score is the same, the candidates with high score will be selected; If the total score is the same, the written test and the interview result are the same, the ranking will be determined by the extra test. The way and place of the extra test will be notified separately. The list of those who participated in the physical examination was published on the Yancheng Education network and the Yancheng People's Social Network. The physical examination shall be organized by Yancheng Education Bureau of Jiangsu Province. The physical examination fee shall be paid by the individual himself. The physical examination standards shall be implemented in accordance with the General Standards for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (trial). The recruitment qualification of unqualified persons will be cancelled naturally. ....

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(No.) Spirit, combined with the actual situation of our county, we plan to recruit professional middle school teachers through public assessment. This public assessment recruitment is internal recruitment, and the recruited personnel are managed according to the employment system of public institutions. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows. Post of vocational education teacher (construction engineering construction, tourism service and management, mechanical design and manufacturing, clothing design) : the interview will be conducted by drawing lots. The content of the trial lecture is consistent with the subject of the interview, and the content comes from the current subject textbooks. The teachers' basic qualities, subject and professional knowledge of the positions to be interviewed, language expression ability, appearance and manner, etc. are mainly assessed by on-site scoring. After the examinee extracts the trial to speak the topic, has ....

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Put forward within days, by the municipal human resources and social security departments to contact the corresponding qualifications of the hospital for re-examination. The reexamination can only be conducted once, and the result of the physical examination shall be subject to the reexamination conclusion. Those who do not pass the physical examination shall be graded from high score to low score among the qualified personnel for the interview. (1) If there is no objection in the public notice, the employer shall fill in the "Approval Form for Public Recruitment of Staff by Public Institutions in Wuzhou city" and go through the employment procedures after being examined by the competent department and reported to the Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for approval. (2) The employer and the employee shall sign the Contract of Employment of Public Institution Personnel. According to the regulations, new recruits who work less than a year must have a probation period. The probationary period for postgraduates is half a year. The probation period is included in the term of the employment contract. The salary welfare treatment during probation is carried out according to relevant regulations of the country and autonomous region. Those who fail to pass the examination during the probation period or after the probation period, or find that they conceal their medical history before employment and their physical conditions do not meet the post requirements, or provide false materials, will be disqualified for employment. ....